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The Wilhelm Group is a full service Charlotte Marketing Firm  specializing in Marketing Strategies that increase sales opportunities for our clients.

Clients of The Wilhelm Group Average a 200% Increase in Lead Generation in Six Months. We want our clients to shine above their competition. Our strategies are custom tailored to meet each of our clients' individual needs, goals, and resources. In the same way that your sales team is accountable for their goals, so is our Charlotte Marketing Firm.   We track, measure, and document all of our marketing results using real time analytics and report our findings to our clients on a monthly basis.  This allows us to make adjustments where necessary and optimize each of our clients' campaigns to maximize their full potential, resulting in the highest possible return on investment.   Our process begins with an initial consultation, in which we analyze your existing strengths and weaknesses, review your company's unique needs, and identify both known and unknown available resources. We then strategize with our team and develop a personalized marketing plan, utilizing time-tested techniques incorporated with innovative marketing strategies that work!   As a Full Service Charlotte Marketing Firm, our focus is on results!

Why Integrated Marketing Channels?

A robust marketing strategy delivers information to your best potential customers at the time that they are searching for it.  We call this the moment of highest intent.  We have found that by integrating marketing channels with well written compelling content, we can drive the highest possible return on investment.   While our recommended strategies are custom tailored to each client's individual needs, our Charlotte Marketing Firm has the ability to integrate the following tools: Local/Mobile SEO, SEO Website Design, Customer Review and Referrals, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Internet Advertising, Direct Mail, and Advertising through radio or television mediums.   Discover if our strategies can increase your company's sales opportunities. Simply call us or complete the form in the right sidebar and we will contact you shortly.

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